Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas time is near!!

Sorry I havent Written a blog in a while, been very busy with my new job, i havent had enough time to write one, when i get back from work i just want to sleep cause I'm so knackered. So i haven't really been able to write :)

15 Days and Counting!!!!

I always get excited around this time of year :) from opening my first door on my advent calendar to starting my christmas shop. I know I'm probably abit to old for a advent calendar but I don't think it would be christmas without one. And back onto the christmas shopping i started that in october! and havent finished yet!! I've got mostly everyone's presents put just need to get a couple more.

Here's some pictures of what my Christmas's involve:-
Christmas Dinner <3

And spending some quality time with my family, and extended family :) Shame i have to work on boxing day though... Ohwell, at the end of the day its money..


Thursday, 24 November 2011


OK! its been a while since i last wrote a blog, and i really need to do it more often!! anyway... most of my crochet stuff was done a while ago but i just haven't written about them. So i thought I'd share a few photos with you of my little creations :)

 This granny square blanket took me 4 + a half months... i think it paid off. 255 squares in total.
Granny Square Blanket

Teeny Tiny Hearts from Attic24

Giant Granny Square using 7 balls of yarn  
My Own Design - Mr Chem
VW Campervan - made up in my head.
My own designs - Hedgehogs.
Had a go at ripples :)
just randomly crocheting - love the nail <3
nails again <3
Cut up plastic bag into a coaster - Recycling!!
Since my last post I have got my first job :) working in a coffee shop, been working there nealry 2 weeks and i love it! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!
I will Post Another Blog soon!

Monday, 29 August 2011


I have always had a interest for baking. I remember when i was younger, always helping my mum bake and getting on her nerves!! Baking anything from shortbread to cheese straws. As your average kid I liked getting my hands dirty, but now I'm 18 I like to think I'm a bit tidier.
 The other day me and boyfriend decided to make a Victoria sponge cake. We used the basic recipe but we added our own little twist to it and added crushed blueberries to the sponge and it was amazing!!



You can see them blueberries in the middle in the picture below..

Butter cream and the strawberry conserve..

 The massive slice of cake was enjoyed with a cuppa tea and a good old chin wag with my 'in laws'.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

rings, rings and more RINGSSSS!!

I have a little obsession with statement and unusual rings. I think they bring out your personality and your own sense of style. Most of the one's that i like are from Topshop and are relatively expensive, I think when I get some money I'm going to finally buy myself a nice new ring.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Just up and running :)

hey, im new at this and have to get used to it, so im gunna ask my sister to help me and hopefully ill have some posts up soon x