Monday, 29 August 2011


I have always had a interest for baking. I remember when i was younger, always helping my mum bake and getting on her nerves!! Baking anything from shortbread to cheese straws. As your average kid I liked getting my hands dirty, but now I'm 18 I like to think I'm a bit tidier.
 The other day me and boyfriend decided to make a Victoria sponge cake. We used the basic recipe but we added our own little twist to it and added crushed blueberries to the sponge and it was amazing!!



You can see them blueberries in the middle in the picture below..

Butter cream and the strawberry conserve..

 The massive slice of cake was enjoyed with a cuppa tea and a good old chin wag with my 'in laws'.

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  1. oh my goodness your cake looks mouthwatering, I feel like licking my computer screen!!!
    How lovely to see you tiptoe into Blogland, wishing you lots of creative fun with it!
    Lots of love to you