Thursday, 24 November 2011


OK! its been a while since i last wrote a blog, and i really need to do it more often!! anyway... most of my crochet stuff was done a while ago but i just haven't written about them. So i thought I'd share a few photos with you of my little creations :)

 This granny square blanket took me 4 + a half months... i think it paid off. 255 squares in total.
Granny Square Blanket

Teeny Tiny Hearts from Attic24

Giant Granny Square using 7 balls of yarn  
My Own Design - Mr Chem
VW Campervan - made up in my head.
My own designs - Hedgehogs.
Had a go at ripples :)
just randomly crocheting - love the nail <3
nails again <3
Cut up plastic bag into a coaster - Recycling!!
Since my last post I have got my first job :) working in a coffee shop, been working there nealry 2 weeks and i love it! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!
I will Post Another Blog soon!

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