Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas time is near!!

Sorry I havent Written a blog in a while, been very busy with my new job, i havent had enough time to write one, when i get back from work i just want to sleep cause I'm so knackered. So i haven't really been able to write :)

15 Days and Counting!!!!

I always get excited around this time of year :) from opening my first door on my advent calendar to starting my christmas shop. I know I'm probably abit to old for a advent calendar but I don't think it would be christmas without one. And back onto the christmas shopping i started that in october! and havent finished yet!! I've got mostly everyone's presents put just need to get a couple more.

Here's some pictures of what my Christmas's involve:-
Christmas Dinner <3

And spending some quality time with my family, and extended family :) Shame i have to work on boxing day though... Ohwell, at the end of the day its money..